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Long Eared Bunnies and the Easter Bingo Bunny Egg Hunt

Easter bingo trivia
I recently found myself playing bingo online. Not my usual thing at all – but I have to say, I was impressed by the experience. I actually landed on the site by accident, I was looking for some Easter trivia questions for a quiz I was organising for a charity event – and somehow managed to get sidetracked by an offer to play the Easter Bingo Bunny Egg Hunt, which I thought sounded cute – so I gave it a try. WOW! - was it addictive, or what? I’ve never had so much fun playing bingo before; granted, the last time I played bingo I was still a child – but how the simple game of bingo has come on since then.

We used to play it with cards and pencils to cross of the numbers as they were called out. But online bingo is nothing like that. It’s fast paced and with loads of extra features, too.

Sign up bonuses
Yep, I got a bonus just for signing up to play bingo on the site. I actually received 300% of my initial deposit which allowed me to play even more games without spending more - and I won! Lots of online bingo sites offer special sign up promotions – so make use of them while they’re on offer. It’s money for nothing, after all. Take advantage of it.

FREE bingo cash
The second session I played a few days later – yes, I was becoming addicted by then – I apparently accumulated enough plays to qualify for free bingo cash which was credited to my account and I was able to use it to fund more games. Again, something for nothing - which always puts a smile on my face, especially since playing online bingo was fun anyway.

Progressive jackpot
I was fascinated by the number on the screen which kept increasing all the time. This was the progressive Easter bingo jackpot – a kind of grand rollover prize which would increase if nobody claimed bingo on a particular game. While I’m not going to kid myself that it wouldn’t be nice to win it – I guess if I actually calculated the odds of it happening I might not be so enthusiastic – but then again, bingo is a game of luck – and I consider myself a lucky person.

… and the Easter trivia
Going back to the Easter trivia, which is what got me started on bingo in the first place - what do YOU think? Does a rabbit which has long floppy ears hear better or worse than a rabbit with upright ears?
Yeah, that one stumped me, too. The answer is - they can’t hear as well as those with upright ears, apparently. Who would have though it?