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Girls & Gambling - How Companies Are Attracting More Women into the World of Gambling

The once commonly accepted notion that Casinos and the world of gambling are simply a boys club, with girls just stood around to act as arm candy (a ’la James Bond) are long gone. 2017, at long last seems to be the year where men and women are finally beginning to stand on equal footing rather than being considered somehow lesser than their counterparts. As a rule, females tend to gamble more for the thrill, the excitement and the social experience whereas the opposite sex prefer to take part for the power, the control and the skill factor.

Female-centric websites, with a focus on fun, friendship and prizes rather than hard-core gambling seem to be the way forward for casinos and companies that are looking to increase their numbers of female customers. Targeted advertising featuring familiar faces and famous celebrities has become a trend in the last few years, with companies attaching their adverts to popular soaps, talk shows and other programmes with a heavy female viewership. When it comes to taking risks, females tend to be a lot less likely to take big chances, especially when it comes to money, so sites and casinos offering bigger bonuses for smaller costs often attracts more players, as taking the first step seems less daunting.

A huge factor in the increase of female players is the recent advancement in smartphone technology making it possible for players to take part in high end, well designed, attractive games without having to set foot in a casino, or even without owning their own computer. The number of females that own a smartphone is almost 50/50 compared to men, making it much easier for companies to target female players, and offer them a safe, secure and easy way to win big without hassle.

As the 21st century events out the playing field for both sexes, it seems like things are only on the up for the casino industry.